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We pride ourselves in providing a secure, safe, clean environment for our guests. In reviews we generally receive high scores for Good Housekeeping and Cleanliness

In this 'new normal' we are very conscious of guest expectations for higher standards throughout tourist accommodation, so in addition to what we usually do we are making the following changes:


  • If you feel ill or have serious health issues please do not travel 
  • We operate a Virtual Reception - an access code will be issued before stay, and your hosts will be available if required 
  • Government approved guidance is followed in the preparation of your accommodation
  • Beds are pre-made with fresh, clean bedding. 
  • A rigorous change-over cleaning routine is in place. 
  • Surface sanitiser is applied to high-contact surfaces, pre-arrival 
  • Accommodation is aired by Housekeeping staff. Please air rooms regularly. 
  • Freshly laundered towels are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own 
  • Toilet paper may be in scarce supply. If you can, bring your own. 
  • Complementary soap and shower gel / shampoo are provided, but please do bring your own. 
  • Surface sanitiser and all-purpose cleaning spray is available 
  • Please Wash Hands regularly, or bring hand-sanitiser. 
  • Guests are requested to Clean Up before departure, to benefit our housekeeping staff 

Dunoon Burgh Hall

Chase The Wild Goose Holidays Availability & Pricing